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Advice From A 90-year-old Man

RRP $17.99

Stories, wisdom and financial tips from a man who's been around longer than TV, chocolate-chip cookies and ballpoint pens. As a child during the Great Depression, author Steve Mucha learned how his parents turned hard times into good times. As a father and businessman, he learned the necessity of financial planning and secrets of selling things. His memoir, "Advice From a 90-Year-Old Man," though, is about much more than money. It's about a plunge on a sled into a frozen lake. A mother's kindness to folks near and far. Catching 100 fish in a single day. A brother's heroism at Pearl Harbor. Fillings picking up radio stations. The joys of family, sports, music and much more. Readers will find lots of answers: What are some secrets to a thriving marriage? What's an easy way to cut your golf score without cheating? What's it like being very, very old? "Advice From a 90-Year-Old Man" is one man's sharing of simple but important lessons, expressed with humor, and including some good, clean jokes.

Financial Advice And Investment Decisions

RRP $174.00

A practical guide to adapting financial advice and investing to a post crisis world 

There's no room for "business as usual" in today's investment management environment. Following the recent financial crisis, both retail and institutional investors are searching for new ways to oversee investment portfolios.  How do you combine growth  with a focus on wealth preservation? This book offers you a fresh perspective on the changes in tools and strategies needed to effectively achieve this goal.

Financial Advice and Investment Decisions provides today's investment professionals with the conceptual framework and practical tools they need to successfully invest in and manage an investment portfolio with wealth preservation as a key concern. While there are many qualitative discussions, the authors present strong quantitative theory and practice in the form of small conceptual models, simulation, and empirical research. 

  • A comprehensive guide to properly managing investments with a focus on matching security and growth goals with the needs of the investor
  • Blends insights gleaned from portfolio management practices used prior to the market mayhem of 2007-2009 with cutting-edge academic and professional investment research
  • Includes innovative and wide-ranging treatment of subjects such as augmented balance sheets, the efficiency of markets, saving, spending, and investing habits, and dealing with uncertainty
  • Description of opportunities for improving the investing environment

The recent financial crisis has opened our eyes to the need for improving the way we invest.  This book will put you in a better position to excel in this new economic environment.

Keep Your Assets. Take My Advice.

RRP $24.49

Never Fall Victim to Wall Street Again

Recently, most people have been victimized by the revenue generating machine that is Wall Street. The truth is, Wall Street only cares about making the most revenue they can from you.

You will learn:

The 20%/65% rule of investing in both bear and bull markets.

When and why to move your investments to cash.

Why agency relationships and suitability are a far cry from fiduciary responsibility.

How to convert your IRA to a tax-free Roth IRA using either a Home Equity Line of Credit, a Reverse Mortgage, or a Real Estate Option.

A way to pay off your 30-year mortgage in ten or eleven years.

How you can get rid of credit card debt in months, not years.

Why segmenting your money and using principal for income may put you in a lower tax bracket.

How to do a background check on your financial advisor annually.

What to look out for in regard to outlandish performance claims by financial advisors.

The strategies presented herein will teach you how to have a consistent process and a plan for your success. You will never again fall victim to Wall Street's shenanigans.

Financial Crime And Gambling In A Virtual World

RRP $238.99

In this unique book, Chambers- Jones undertakes empirical research into gambling in virtual worlds and highlights the jurisprudential issues relating to economic internet crime and digital currencies. Gambling is an old phenomenon and advancements in technology have seen gambling behaviour transverse a new path. The law in this area has not kept pace with such technological advances, leaving grey areas of concern un-discussed and un-regulated. The relationship between real world legislation and advancements in technology demonstrates ineffectual transposition of law onto new modern phenomena, generating loopholes in legislative protection. Financial Crime and Gambling in a Virtual World, provides a critical discussion on laws relating to gambling in virtual worlds, commenting that terms such as 'virtual' or 'fantasy law' are unhelpful in promoting effective legislation. The discussion reveals how virtual world gambling dominos onto other criminal acts within virtual worlds, specifically through criminal aspects of digital currencies. New forms of virtual world crimes need to be taken seriously and accepted as a threat in order to build legislation that acknowledges the growing use of new technologies in forms of financial crimes. Chambers- Jones concludes through presenting the necessity for joined up national and international legislation to effectively tackle virtual world crimes. This distinctive investigation will appeal to PHD and master's students or researchers with an interest in cybercrime, economic internet crime and virtual economies. Practitioners, Policy writers and Law enforcement officers will find this book informative in promoting further legislation to encompass new technologies in economic internet crime.

Valuable Free Advice ! ( Book 32 )

RRP $14.99

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